Beta Update v0.2.4

Hi everyone!

Here's a small list of content updates and bugfixes. I'm trying to reduce the overall difficulty and to reward more offensive strategies.

  • Balanced Workaholic Broker. Now she makes +50 instead of +100 when competing
  • Added a new item 'Golden Fist' Makes +50 when you play a Henchmen
  • Added a new item 'Crypto Mine' Starts every game with -$500 debt
  • Balanced Item's prices and effects. They are more powerful and cheap
  • 'Magic Tie' costs 500 now
  • Events polished and removed most negative ones. Also more content added
  • Starter decks have 11 cards now
  • Showing the percentage of unlocked cards in the deck selection scene
  • AI plays "Burn your business" more effectively now
  • More contrasted top bar so it reads better
  • 4 new Level 3 enemy decks.
  • Implemented move mechanic for "Party Animal". She can move from one street to another
  • Bug Fix: Make sure that the shown defense/attack points of a token are always in sync with the internal value
  • New music for the victory and defeat screen
  • Many voices and sounds added


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Version 0.2.4 30 days ago

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