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The game

Urban Cards is a business deck building, strategy card battler, with a Roguelike infuse. Your goal is to build a deck with Businesses, Workers, and Henchmen to make money, and undermine your competitors as you work your way through the campaign.

After being in development for more than 3 years (4 years of ruminating the idea) we can finally release this stable and polished First Access and ask for your support.  We really want to let people play and get involved from the beginning. We believe that listening to your feedback and iterating with you openly, will improve the game and will create a better experience.


  • 3 Classes;  Akibara and Oper,  with 3 starter decks each.
  • 1 Randomly generated deck
  • Build your deck and define your play style as you follow the Campaign path.
  • Procedurally generated Campaign
  • Over 62 cards and 4 different card types: BIZ, Workers, Henchmen, Actions and Objects
  • Over 16 Items to collect
  • Two victory conditions: Make money faster than your opponent or make them go bankrupt by burying them in debt
  • More than 16 enemies
  • Life system. 
  • Debt permadeath
  • Trading card system
  • Events stages with many surprises 

The Story

The game is set in Hues City, a parody of our society and economy, with colorful cards, different classes and playing styles. The two decks available now are Akibara, the up and coming, trading in intangibles and information. And Oper, the established powers of banking and speculation.

Pick your neighborhood, define your style, sabotage the competition, and start a stellar career from the ground up!

What's coming

  • More content: events, cards and objects
  • 1 extra neigbourhood or class with many brand new cards
  • One extra campaign  year
StatusIn development
Release date Feb 20, 2020
GenreCard Game, Strategy
TagsRoguelike, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout an hour
LinksSteam, Steam

Development log


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Hey dere! I put your game in my list of some really awesome other table top indies! I know that your game isnt like tabletop simulator btw lol, this is just a youtube friendly way of spreading indies! Here it is if ya wanna check it out!

Thanks! I'll take a look! BTW the game started as a tabletop prototype but ended up as a digital game. Maybe one day I'll release a physical version :)

I was looking for the download link to Purchase this game here on Itch.io. However,  the link seems to have disappeared. Was this on purpose or an itch.io  error. Game looks really  cool and different but due to my living situation I do not buy off of Steam.

Is the Title Menu Discord link working

So if I grab it on itch.io, will I also get the Stem key when it launches there?

Yes, you will!

It's safe to say I've never seen a card game quite like this! Brilliant! Love the art style (the card effects are mint) and concept you have going on. Can't wait to play it.

I'd be honoured to have you guest on our podcast to promote and talk about the game sometime!


Thanks so much for the kind words! I'll be in touch! 

feel free to send us a message on twitter @nerdssippodcast or an email nerdssip@gmail.com whenever you'd like!

This looks really cool! Will you be doing a Linux build?

Hi Liam and thanks! We would really like to port to other platforms and OS, but for now we are focusing our efforts  on polishing the windows version.

No worries, when you do Linux be sure to reach out to me here: https://www.gamingonlinux.com/